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File Extension OCX is used to create custom controls for software applications running under Windows operating system. Commonly called as ActixeX Control, this is recognized as Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Custom Control Files. An addition to the OLE command on Windows based computers. These files are linked by applications that need to perform an extended functionality.

Some web application may require the installation of ActiveX Controls to access internal files and properly configure a system. An example to which is Adobe Flash player. Before installation is done, a web browser should enable or allow ActiveX Controls coming from the site.

OCX were introduced in 1994 to replace Visual Basic Extension controls. These files are referred as components by an application, referred to as the container. Microsoft Access is an example of an application that uses ActiveX Controls to extend its functionality.

Files under this extension can pose great threats to the user. Some application can create OCX files to harm a host computer. This is the reason why most web browsers set off the installation of Activex Controls as a default value.

Web browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer incorporate OCX files for other applications need to be run through web browsers. Applications such as Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, MFC, and C++ can be use to develop ActiveX Controls.

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